Liberator Lingerie Unveils Exclusive Latex Lingerie Line

Bob Preston
ATLANTA — Liberator Lingerie has unveiled a new line of latex lingerie from its exclusive in-house designer Melissa Coffey.

Liberator Lingerie Public Relations Director Tasha Fountaine told XBIZ that Coffey is a longtime student of fashion, and she has put her skills to work to helm the company’s first foray into latex wear.

"She is known in the fetish community for her lingerie," Fountaine told XBIZ. "She works with a roster of burlesque performers. She comes from the world of high fashion and couture."

Coffey boasts a BFA in fashion design and marketing and has been designing custom latex garments since 2001.

The new line includes bras, panties, dresses, corsets, pasties and accessories. The looks range from straight-up lingerie to more fetish-style garments that expose the chest and crotch. All the looks are made entirely of latex.

Fountaine said that Liberator Lingerie pitches itself right between the adult and mainstream worlds, with a focus on lovemaking gear for couples.

For more information on Liberator's latex lingerie line, visit their official website.