Raging Stallion Receives 31 Grabby Nominations

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios announced that it has received a record 31 nominations for the upcoming Grabby Awards .

The studio had nominations for six of its films, including “GRUNTS,” “Mirage,” Ben Leon’s “Playback” and JD Slater's “Erotikus.” Also receiving nods are Jake Deckard's “Ink Storm” and David Hempling's “Fist And Shout.”

“GRUNTS” received the most nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Videography, Best Solo, Best Sex Scene, Best Three Way, and other nods. (“GRUNTS: The New Recruits” has just been released in Blu-ray format.)

Several studio exclusives were also nominated for individual achievement: Jake Deckard and Steve Cruz are up for Performer of the Year; Ricky Sinz and Cruz for Best Newcomer; Cruz, Roman Ragazzi, and Dominic Pacifico for Best Bottom; and Deckard and Luke Hass were singled out for Best Versatile performer.

"We are thrilled with our 31 nominations,” Raging Stallion President Chris Ward said. "We always look forward to the Grabby Awards and we hope to do very well this year. ‘GRUNTS” is a big hit with a huge head of steam behind it — I am sure it will make a big impression on the Grabby judges. The entire industry offered up some excellent films this year so the competition is strong. I really hope my models come home with some trophies, but no matter who wins, we will be there having a great time. And I, for one, will be drinking a big toast to the memory of Big Daddy [Ferguson, Gay Chicago’s publisher and Grabby founder.]”

The Grabby Awards show is the final event of the porn awards season. Raging Stallion is currently in the lead for the most awards won by any studio in 2008, according to a company spokesperson.

Here is the complete list of Raging Stallion nominations broken down by category:

Hottest Cock: Jake Deckard and Justin Christopher
Best Actor: Jake Deckard “GRUNTS”
Best Leather Movie: “Instinct”
Best Videography: Ben Leon (“GRUNTS”) and Ben Leon (“Playback”)
Best Director: Chris Ward and Ben Leon “GRUNTS”
Best Picture: “GRUNTS”
Best Fetish film: “Roid Rage” and “Ink Storm”
Best Fetish Movie Extreme: “Fist and Shout”
Best All Sex: “Mirage”
Best Supporting Actor: Ricky Sinz “GRUNTS”
Best Solo: Ricky Sinz “GRUNTS”
Best Three Way: Jake Deckard, Ricky Sinz and Trey Casteel “GRUNTS”
Best Sex Scene: Ricky Sinz/Roman Ragazzi “GRUNTS” and Jake Deckard/Remy Delaine “Playback”
Best Group Scene: “Mirage”
Best DVD Extras: “GRUNTS” and “Mirage”
Best Art Direction: “GRUNTS” and “Mirage”
Best Versatile Performer: Jake Deckard and Luke Hass
Hottest Bottom: Steve Cruz, Roman Ragazzi and Dominic Pacifico
Best Newcomer: Steve Cruz and Ricky Sinz
Performer of the Year: Steve Cruz and Jake Deckard

The Grabby Awards will be held on May 24 in Chicago.

For more information on Raging Stallion Studios, visit the website.