AdultBlowOuts Offers Manufacturers, Consumers Close-outs

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — — described as “a clearinghouse for the adult industry” — has launched, offering consumers bargain pricing on adult items and manufacturers and distributors a chance to move out excess and imperfect merchandise.

“There are tons — literally — of boxes full of novelties, videos, lubes, and other sexuality related items that retailers no longer stock that are clogging up valuable warehouse space," AdultBlowOuts founder Joe Anzai said. "We aim to help move that commodity into the retail channel.” Anzai recently acquired 90,000 DVDs in various genres that AdultBlowOuts will sell for between 99 cents and $4.00.

“These DVDs were costing the owner over $300 per month in storage fees alone," Anzai said. "We’ve moved them into our warehouse and will begin selling them online, splitting the profits equally with the owner — while he maintains the flexibility of selling them in bulk if he finds a suitable buyer.” Adult BlowOuts can purchase products or negotiate a deal between a buyer and a seller.

“In some cases, we can work out drop-ship deals in which price is negotiable and the majority remains with the vendor. In others we can simply purchase the products outright if the cost is low enough and makes sense from a resale standpoint for us,” said Anzai, who added, “The point is that we’re hunting for product and want to hear from anyone and everyone who needs to clear shelf space.”

The AdultBlowOuts' warehouse is located in Inglewood, Calif.

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