Kick Ass Offers Spitzer Call Girl $1 Million

Joanne Cachapero
GLENDALE, Calif. — Kick Ass Pictures has made an official offer to Spitzer call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Kristen, to appear in an adult title.

The video’s working title is “Spitzer Swallows — An Oral History of Guv Love” with Dupre in the starring role, reenacting services she allegedly rendered for former Gov. Spitzer.

Commenting on the title’s cock-in-cheek humor, Kick Ass owner Mark Kulkis said that he and his staff could only speculate on the activities that allegedly took place between Dupre and the former governor.

“We just assumed that [$4,300] included everything,” Kick Ass owner Mark Kulkis said. “We would hope it’s the full menu.”

The studio has included in the offer to Dupre, who is an aspiring musician, the chance to create a musical score for the film.

"Porn soundtracks have traditionally set a very low standard," Kulkis added. "We're confident that Ms. Dupre's songs will sweep the music categories at awards time."

As for who would be cast in Spitzer’s role, Kulkis indicated that there is no male talent that physically resembles the politician. Male performers and interested parties that would like to appear in the role are free to contact the studio.

“We kind of batted that around. Ron Jeremy would work, but he’d have to drop a few pounds, otherwise there are no look-alikes in the business because Spitzer has a real weird, balding kind of look,” Kulkis said.

Kulkis said also that there has been no contact from Dupre’s representation at this point.

“No, not yet,” he said. “My guy Raven has been using his contacts in New York to try and get a hold of her, but I don’t know how far that’s gone, because I’m sure that she is getting lots of offers and I’m not sure that we’re at the top of the queue.”

The million-dollar fee is legitimate, according to Kulkis, and he agreed that Dupre might be willing to consider a generous offer.

“That’s why we think that she would be down for it,” Kulkis said, “and she wouldn’t be doing anything that she hasn’t done before — allegedly.”