All Boys Signs BerlinStarFilm, New Account Manager

Joanne Cachapero
SOUTH PARIS, Maine — Gay distributor All Boys Distribution has signed newbie production company BerlinStarFilms to its catalog of studios. The line is based in Berlin, and according to All Boys President Rob Ragan, pushes the boundaries of extreme fetish.

“I don’t want to compare it to anything, but it’s very hardcore,” Ragan told XBIZ. “It’s based out of Berlin. The quality is outstanding. They did win the David Award last year for Best New Studio in Europe, which is a big deal seeing that there are so many studios popping up now all over the place.”

“Little George Blows Berlin” is the first BerlinStarFilm title available from All Boys, and the studio has contracted to do six videos total throughout 2008.

“Our videos are some of the most extreme fetish material on any market today, and ‘Little George blows Berlin’ is just a very mild taste of things to come,” BerlinStarFilm producer-director Uwe Stoll said.

“Future releases will turn the U.S. fetish DVD market on its head, and will blow anyone away who's even remotely interested in the topic,” Stoll added. “We're confident that ABD 's strongly motivated sales approach can best penetrate the market in the U.S. Besides, although we are a young label, we feel quite at home among the other high-quality labels in ABD 's portfolio.

“Introducing extreme material like ours to the U.S. requires intimate knowledge of the market in all its many facets, something we trust Rob to bring to the deal,” Stoll said.

ABD offers more than 20 studios in their catalog and, according to Ragan, he has become more selective about which studios he is willing to carry.

“What I’m trying to do is position myself where I can really be the one-stop for the gay industry. I offer the widest range of different types of niches of any other distributor,” Ragan said.

“This is the perfect fit for what I was looking for in a European fetish line, and now I’ll close the door on that and won’t accept anymore fetish lines form Europe,” he said. “It’s not just fetish in a traditional sense. It’s more along the lines of extremely hardcore, and it is going to fill a void in the American marketplace.”

ADB also has announced that they have added Crystal Veinott as its new account manager.

“Crystal is now handling some of our house accounts, as well doing a lot of promotional work on the phone for us,” Ragan said. “I just wanted to give her an official welcome to the All Boys family.”