Trisha Uptown Named Official Spokesperson for 'HARD' and 'Pure Passion'

Tom Hymes
PENBROKE PARK, Fla. — Adventure Industries, a distributor of sexual-enhancement products, has signed adult star Trisha Uptown to be the official spokesperson for two of their top selling products, HARD and Pure Passion.

In January, Adventure Industries was tapped by Lifestyle Ventures, the developers of HARD and Pure Passion, to be the exclusive distributor of those two products in the North and South American markets.

Uptown, a rising star in the adult entertainment industry, said she is thrilled to be promoting these sex positive products and stands behind them.

“I love what Pure Passion does for me,” she said. “It heightens my senses and makes climaxing so much more fun. When my man uses HARD, he lasts forever, wants more, and doesn’t have to worry about getting a doctor’s prescription. When we use both products, we get in the mood faster — and for longer.”

Adventure Industries has also announced that the company has reached a major milestone with the sale of 500,000 HARD pills, which the company calls a “huge sales achievement,” just two months after the announcement of its exclusive distribution deal.

Manufactured in the U.S., HARD is an herbal-based sexual-enhancing product that its developers say delivers results in just 30 minutes. It is available in single, 3- and 12-capsule packages.

Pure Passion is a flavored, natural lubricating gel for women used as a topical application to sensitize a woman’s clitoris by stimulating blood flow to the genitalia.

Adventure also announced that they are conducting a nationwide search for distributors and stores that want to offer Pure Passion and HARD.

For more information, call (800) 999-2483, ext. 240, or email