Michael Lucas Profiled in New Republic Magazine

Joanne Cachapero
NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment founder Michael Lucas has been featured in The New Republic magazine, a political and arts journal. The bimonthly Washington D.C.-based publication, which was first published in 1914, is an established source for commentary and opinion on liberal politics, culture and arts.

"I am very proud to be featured in my absolute favorite magazine," Lucas said. "I have subscribed to The New Republic since 1997 when I arrived in America. This is a magazine that I can relate to much better than most other publications. Their views very often echo my own."

Lucas is the first gay adult industry figure to be profiled in the magazine.

The article, authored by James Kirchick, is titled "The Hard Right: The (Neocon) Kingpin of Gay Porn," and describes Lucas’ immigrant Russian Jewish roots as the basis of his worldview, political opinions against Muslims, as well as his strong Zionist stance. Lucas’ outspoken intellectualism is held in contrast to public opinion of him as an adult industry entrepreneur.

Lucas also was recently profiled in leading Israeli newspaper Maariv, and a lecture that was given by Lucas at Stanford University in February is referred to in the New Republic article.

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