JABB Management Launches New Blog

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Gay management company JABB Management has announced the launch of its official blogspot at http://jabbmanagement.blogspot.com/ .

The blog will contain more personalized news than does the official website at www.jabbmanagement.com. It will include gossip and photos from JABB events, behind-the-scenes images, video clips, news of upcoming tour dates and more. The blog will include more interactive features for fans and club owners alike, including surveys, postings, live chat and links to live streaming video from events.

“It felt like the right time to take JABB one step further,” JABB manager Andrew Briskin said. “When we maintained www.gaypornstudio.com as part of the Sports & Recreation Video brand, the most popular sections of our paid members weren't the galleries and video clips but the diary and party photos."

The blog will be updated as information becomes available, and is linked through an RSS feed, as well.

With three tours currently on the road, including the recently launched “Head Hunters, Inc. Live” tour from Hot House Entertainment and JABB Management, plenty of content will be available for fans.

For more information contact Briskin at (323) 697-2355 or email him at andrew@jabbmanagement.com .