Sweden to Sell Sex Toys in State-Owned Drugstores

Joanne Cachapero
STOCKHOLM — Beginning in June, state-owned drugstore chain Apoteket will sell sex toys in Sweden.

A survey conducted by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education found that participants said they would feel better about purchasing sex toys at the drugstore, rather than on the Internet or from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

"We know from research that in Apoteket today, these kind of products are demanded," Apoteket spokesman Linge Bergman said.

"The sexual life is an important part of life for most people," Bergman added. "We want to have [sex toys] at big stores, where there are a lot of customers so that everyone can feel anonymous when they are buying them."

Apoteket, which is the country’s largest drugstore chain, will begin stocking sex toys in 50 of its 950 stores. Though it is not clear what types of items will be sold, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education has been tapped to help with the selection.

"We want to de-dramatize the use of sex help tools, and help people to a better sex life, with or without a partner," Apoteket spokeswoman Eva Fernvall said. "We know that a good sex life is important for well-being and health and Apoteket sees this as an important part of a wider selection of health-related products and services."

According to polls taken by Swedish media organization, a majority of respondents felt that selling sex toys at drugstores was a good idea.