Eau Zone Offers G-Spot Arousal Cream

Stephen Yagielowicz
MONTREAL – Eau Zone Oils & Fragrances is now offering its "Rain of Love" G-Spot Arousal Cream, along with an illustrated guide to help women and couples locate the elusive pleasure zone.

This latest addition to Eau Zone's Shunga Erotic Art cosmetic line follows up on its popular "Secret Garden" stimulation cream for women, and features a slight peppermint aroma and long lasting texture, "ensuring that it won't dilute itself with the first contact of secretions."

According to Eau Zone, the debate over the G-Spot (Kio-ame) and its sexual significance date back to the Japanese Shunga era, and "the teachings given to Geishas on the art of love" – which inspired the Canadian company to develop the "Rain of Love."

The multilingual illustrated guide "will help woman explore, alone or with a partner, this once mythical world" by demonstrating where the G-Spot can be found as well as several ways to stimulate it, including different sexual positions that "allows couples the chance to explore with a little inspiration."

Made in Montreal, Shunga Erotic Art comes packaged in Shungas – Japanese erotic art from the 16th to 18th centuries – and includes massage oils, heating aphrodisiac oils, massage creams and candles, lubricants, chocolate body paint and more.

The Shunga line is made from food grade ingredients to ensure quality and protect the consumer from allergies or toxic effects and is flavored rather than scented, making the products edible.

"Rain of Love" is now available in more than 70 countries with a retail price around $25 and can be found in boutiques, major department stores, and high-end perfumeries such as Galleries Lafayette Paris, Marionnaud, Résonances and more.