Collin O’Neal Productions Begins Self-Distribution

Jeremy Spencer
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Gay production studio Collin O’Neal Productions announced that it has decided to begin self-distribution of its DVD line World of Men, thus ending its exclusive distribution deal with Raging Stallion Studios.

“When I initially met with Raging Stallion’s president Chris Ward about distributing my content on DVD he always told me that ‘Someday you will not need me anymore,’” Collin O’Neal Productions’ owner Collin O’Neal said. “But I always told him it was too big of a project [for me] to take on myself.”

However, Collin O’Neal Productions has been growing at a tremendous rate, allowing the small company — solely owned by O’Neal and business partner Rich Richards — to expand and hire someone to run distribution.

“Over the past few months I have been talking with retailers throughout the U.S. and Europe and realized my DVD products are still in high demand in a market where DVD sales are declining,” O’Neal said.

Collin O’Neal’s World of Men series was initially released with the Raging Stallion logo on the DVD cover, but starting with the release of “World of Men: Miami,” O’Neal decided to push his World of Men brand by removing the Raging Stallion logo from the covers and replacing it with his World of Men logo.

“I was just happy to have my products available on DVD in the beginning,” O’Neal said. “But then I had to ensure I was building my own brand. ‘World of Men: Lebanon,’ thus far, has been my most successful movie and many people were crediting Raging Stallion. It was frustrating — especially since all of my products are planned and executed by myself and Raging Stallion was only distributing them.”

Collin O’Neal Productions will continue to have a very close relationship with Raging Stallion and all of their staff.

“Chris Ward helped me so much in the past two years,” said O’Neal. “His knowledge, kindness and professionalism mean a lot to me.”

Currently, World of Men has eight DVDs based on locations around the world: London, Lebanon, Sao Paulo, Miami, Spain, Santo Domingo and Edinburgh. “World of Men: East Berlin,” will be the last title to be distributed by Raging Stallion.

Collin O’Neal’s World of Men has consistently been nominated for — and received — a variety of awards in its short, two-year existence. It was nominated for four awards at this year’s XBIZ Awards: GLBT Performer of the Year (O’Neal), GLBT Director of the Year (O’Neal), GLBT Studio of the Year and GLBT Feature of the Year (“World of Men: Santo Domingo”).

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