Raging Stallion Man of Year Steve Cruz Launches Safe Sex Campaign

Jeremy Spencer
SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production studio Raging Stallion Studios’ 2008 Man of the Year Steve Cruz has announced the launch of HowIRoll.info. The goal of the site and campaign is to create a conversation that will help stop the spread of HIV and STDs and to keep negative men negative.

Cruz enlisted the help of the STOP AIDS Project of San Francisco to provide useful information to guys so they can make informed decisions in their own sex lives.

In addition to the website, the campaign includes a self-produced public service message that will be distributed on the Raging Stallion label in the early spring. It will also include the “Steve Cruz condom” designed by illustrator Glen Hanson that STOP AIDS Project plans to help distribute free to bars in sex clubs.

Cruz enlisted the help of media sponsors like Unzipped Magazine and NakedSword for this major project, as well as studio support to help spread the word of his new website.

“I wanted to make a difference,” Cruz said. “With sales of bareback movies on the rise, I became concerned that maybe our attitudes toward condom use were becoming too relaxed. Supporters of the bareback industry would say ‘Let adults decide for themselves how to behave.’ And I’d totally agree … but don’t stop there. How can you make informed decisions without the facts?”

Cruz built and maintains the site by himself. Up to this point, all of his efforts have been supported by donations from his fans earned through online auctions of his autographed DVDs and used clothing.

“It’s a humble start, but I am moved by the fact that my fans are what is keeping this alive,” Cruz said. “Because of them I am able to afford my first series of print ads.”

This movement has already exceeded Cruz’s expectations.

“Chi Chi LaRue has endorsed the site and I recently reviewed an endorsement from the San Francisco Department of Health,” he said. “The friends of ‘How I Roll’ are multiplying.”

To read the full Unzipped Magazine interview with Cruz, go to stevecruzxxx.blogspot.com or howirollforum.blogspot.com .

For information on Raging Stallion Studios, visit its website.

For more information on the safe sex campaign, visit howiroll.info.