FSC to Fight Patriot Act at Erotica LA

Matt O'Conner
LOS ANGELES — One day after a Senate panel voted to renew and expand key provisions of the Patriot Act, the FSC announced it would sponsor a political action center at Erotica LA, June 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to help rally support for the repeal of the Act.

“We’re trying to mobilize our fan base and everyone in attendance,” FSC Legislative Affairs Director Kat Sunlone told XBiz. “Congress needs to realize we have millions of fans and they care about these issues.”

Passed in 2001, the Patriot Act grants law enforcement agencies broad powers to conduct secret investigations without judicial consent, including demanding records from Internet companies and booksellers.

Visitors to the action center will learn how the Patriot Act infringes individual liberty and how another bill before Congress, the Safe Act, could reverse many of the more onerous aspects of the law and restore lost rights.

Sunlove said the timing of the action center couldn’t be better, since Congress is currently discussing both the Patriot Act and the Safe Act leading up to a crucial votes on both items.

“We’re inviting everyone — fans and performers — to come to our booth and express to Congress our desire to get our privacy rights back,” Sunlove told XBiz. “This is the perfect time for people to put pressure on their individual representatives.”

To help concerned adult fans contact members of Congress, the FSC will have computers in booth #118 giving people access to www.nostrippingliberty.org, a site the lets people fax form letters for free to their elected representatives urging them to rollback the Patriot Act. Sunlove stressed that it takes only about two minutes to take advantage of the site’s services.

“It [the Patriot Act] went too far, too fast, and it now needs to be fixed, not expanded,” Sunlove said. “If you are a law abiding American, then the videos you rent, the magazines you buy and the clubs you frequent are your own business, not the government’s.”

Adult industry professionals slated to work at the action center include Nina Hartley, Brittany Andrews, Kaylani Lei, Alexandra Silk and Anita Cannibal.

The FSC also will have its annual Report on the Entertainment Industry available as well as additional information on the Safe Act.