Performers Featured in ‘The Secret Lives of Women’

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — The Women’s Entertainment (WE) network reality documentary show “Secret Lives of Women” will feature four adult performers in a episode profiling inspirational and influential women in the business. Tera Patrick, Nicki Hunter and Gina Lynn were chosen for the segment, as well as TS performer Buck Angel, who is otherwise known as “The Man With a Pussy.”

“Buck Angel is one of the performers they featured,” Patrick told XBIZ, “That’s something that I’m really excited about. I’m one of his biggest fans — I love Buck. He’s such a cool guy and such an inspiration on the GLBT world, he’s a very positive influence.”

The performers were taped in Las Vegas, and at various other locations.

“They shot me at the house because they wanted to get some family bits of me, and they interviewed my sister Debbie, who is two years younger than me,” Patrick said. “It was actually the first time that anyone in my family has ever appeared on camera. So, my sister was really happy to do the piece and she put some rumors to rest and I guess she tells some secrets about me. You’ll have to tune into the episode to see.”

Nicki Hunter was offered the opportunity to appear on the show by well-known industry publicist April Storm.

“I got a phone call from April, and she said, ‘Listen, I had the WE network call me up and ask me to interview some girls — the most interesting stories you could think of, and so of course, I thought of you,’” Hunter told XBIZ. “I was so excited. You know the Women’s Entertainment network is a very large and reputable network, and so I kinda got hooked up.

“They followed me around for three days,” she said. “I sat down and did interviews and they wanted to know about me and my company — not just Nicki Hunter, the porn star, but they wanted to know who I really am, my secret life behind the scenesm and it was a lot of fun because I was able to show that my life consists of just more than running onto the set, having sex, and partying all the time.”

Hunter, however, was adamant about not letting her children appear on camera, despite being open about the business and personal aspects of her life.

“Then, we were able to talk about my battle with leukemia this past year,” Hunter said, “and bouncing back from that. I really enjoyed how much they focused on my relationship with my husband — that we can still go out and have sex with other people, but then come home and we’re a normal family.”

TS performer Buck Angel may be the most controversial star to appear on the episode. As a female-to-male transsexual, Angel was interviewed about his gender identity and also about how people react to his public persona.

“That’s what people want to see, how other people react to ‘the man with the pussy,’” Angel told XBIZ. “And you’ll see it — people are actually very nice to me and very cool. Nobody really freaks out — as if they expect me to have a pussy.”

Gina Lynn, who is familiar to mainstream television audiences from her appearances on HBO’s “The Sopranos,” mainstream feature film “Analyze That,” as well as rapper Eminem’s “Superman” video, will also be showcased in the episode, which will air sometime in June.

On 2004, an episode of “Secret Lives of Women” featured Vivid’s Marci Hirsch and contract performer Savanna Samson.

No airdate has been schedule as yet. For more information, visit “The Secret Lives of Women” website.