Tera Patrick Goes to ‘Teradise Island 2’ and Beyond

Joanne Cachapero
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult super starlet Tera Patrick stars in the newly released “Teradise Island 2,” the much-anticipated sequel from her production company Teravision. The video is the company’s first release on Blu-ray format.

“I think even more anticipated because it’s on Blu-ray — it’s on Blu-ray and standard,” Patrick told XBIZ. “It’s along the same lines as the first one — it’s shot in Maui as well, and it’s just a really, really beautiful movie and I’m in there with Spyder Jonez and Brittany Skye, so that’s exciting. I liked working with Brittany and we had fun working together. It’s a really hot scene, so I’m excited about that.”

Patrick said that while on location in Maui, several of the spots that were chosen turned out to be clothing optional, including a waterfall in the Hana Valley and another spot with a red rock beach.

Fans will notice several bathing suit that are worn by Patrick in the film, which are from Patrick’s new Mistress Couture spring line, including the bathing suit that she wears on the boxcover.

“[The] beach that had red rock, was where our location manager told us that they shot the Victoria’s Secret catalog, and it’s actually secretly a nude beach as well,” Patrick described. “So everybody was naked with us, taking pictures with us and it was really funny.”

Following the video’s release, Patrick is thrilled about several mainstream projects that will propel her even further into the mainstream spotlight.

The first, which completed shooting yesterday, is a fitness video by the same company that produced Carmen Electra’s “Fit to Strip” video series. Patrick will star in “Fit for Sex.” The video is aimed at both women and men, and emphasizes exercises that will help improve one’s ability to get into various sex positions.

“It’s a true workout,” Patrick said. “It’ll really get your heart pumping. It’s a yoga and Pilates-inspired workout. There’s a baby tiger in the video with me, because I do a Kama Sutra workout with the tiger. I’d never worked with a tiger before. I’m glad I didn’t bring the dog to work that day.”

According to Patrick, the video contains no explicit content and will be available through major retailers once it is released.

Expanding her presence in the world of fashion, Patrick has also signed an exclusive deal with hip clothing retailer Kitson, located on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.

The store and ShopKitson.com will carry an exclusive collection of T-shirts with Patrick’s image embossed in several retro movie scenes. The shirts will be part of the Kitson Men line and will be available by summer.

“The company that I’m doing it with is called TJE, and they manufacture a line of shirts exclusively for Kitson and Kitson Men,” Patrick explained.

“They came to me about six months ago through my company 5W PR, and said, ‘Tera, we want to do this line of T-shirts with you and we want to incorporate your look into the shirts…’ but they wanted to do movie scenes [on the shirts]. I think it will be good because people who don’t necessarily know who I am will enjoy the shirts because they’re going to be good-looking shirts. I’m going to buy a bunch of them. Just to see my face in Kitson will be exciting for sure.”

Also scheduled to air in June, Patrick will appear on the Women’s Network “Secret Lives of Women,” in a episode featuring several adult industry performers, including Buck Angel, Nicki Hunter and Gina Lynn.

Patrick’s sister Debbie was interviewed for the segment and footage was taken of Patrick in Las Vegas, as well as in her home.

“You’ll have to tune into the episode, and I think that fans will really enjoy the episode because it’s a bit more personal than I’ve ever revealed before, seeing my mom and my sisters and a bit of my family,” she said.

In her spare time, Patrick said, she has also been active on her newly launched website TeraPatrick.com and its affiliate program.

“The new website is going great. We’re getting a lot of joins,” she said. “I’m so involved with the website — I do a lot of chatting, and we have over 500,000 images of me and we’re going to be putting all those on the website, so there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be occupied for a long, long time. You can find every single video I’ve ever been in, so it’s definitely one-stop shopping.”

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