FPG Entertainment Wraps First Webisode of ‘Warriors’

Jeremy Spencer
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Gay production studio FPG Entertainment has completed the first webisode of the Thor Stephans-directed series “Warriors.”

The studio, which was nominated for two XBIZ Awards last month, contacted industry vet Stephans, and together they came up with “Warriors.”

“I had an idea to do a bunch of mini movies,” Stephans told XBIZ, “sort of in the tradition of ‘The Twilight Zone’ or Hitchcock’s episodic shows. People who know me know that storyline films are my forte, and I wanted to do something clever and original.”

“Warriors” centers on a mysterious figure who enlists men to do his dirty biddings. Each task — sexual in nature, of course — is a competition of sorts. With each “win,” the main character in each webisode advances a level into the elusive Warriors Club.

“Think in the arena of the film ‘Fight Club,’” Stephans said. “But with just a little more gay sex.”

The first enlistee, played by hunky Latino model Romario, is told by the mysterious figure to visit wrestling instructor Ryann Wood and “fuck the daylights out of him,” according to Stephans. It is soon discovered that Wood’s character has a tie to the mystery man and revenge is not far behind.

“The shoot ran really smoothly,” said Stephans, who also shot the webisode. “I was a little nervous at first because it was the first time I shot using an HD camera. It’s a little more technical, but I caught on real quick.”

Stephans has been in the gay adult industry for 17 years, starting back in 1991. He went to film school in Northern California before getting his start with several major studios at the time.

“To me,” Stephans said, “FPG is such a class act. I am so impressed by their professionalism. Both Marco Guerra and Cameron Finn are so ‘put together’ that it’s a joy to work with them. And I’m not just saying that — they seem to do everything right and have such respect for this industry that I am thrilled to be a part of ‘Warriors.’

“I think we’re a perfect fit,” he said.

Each webisode will be approximately 40 minutes long, and after a few have been shot, FPG plans to put them out on DVD.

The first webisode of “Warriors” will premiere at the end of March and will be available for viewing on the FPG website.