Bijou Video Releases Toby Ross ‘Schoolmates’ Classics

CHICAGO — Gay distributor-retailer Bijou Video has announced the release of the 1976 classic “Schoolmates” and its 1977 sequel “Schoolmates 2” for the first time on DVD.

Helmed by director Toby Ross, the films garnered widespread acclaim for not only their lighting and camerawork, but the sex depicted by the youthful and well-endowed cast.

“In today’s gay adult market the term ‘twink’ conjures up an image of youngish-looking boys engaging in youthful, playful sex,” a Bijou representative said. “There are several gay adult studios today that cater to this very specific market, including the term ‘twink’ in their titles.

“Thirty years ago films that featured very young models were referred to as ‘chicken’ films. Whatever title is given to this genre, there is one true leading pioneer in capturing the innocence, the eagerness and the charm of a young man’s first steps into sexual expression. His name is Toby Ross.”

These new DVD editions include the original films, which have been restored using the latest digital capturing technology. Bijou Video’s new packaging and labeling complete the DVDs.

“Schoolmates” stars David Eleven, Jerry Patterson, Timothy Long and Steve Preston as college freshmen reflecting on their sexual hijinks.

“Schoolmates 2” continues the story with more thin, hairless lads. Joining Wren Carmichael and Gerald Vincent in the cast are John and Barry Berry — the Berry Twins — whose last scene together was later included in Ross’ 1993 compilation “Twins.”

Nearly 30 years have passed since Ross’ early films were first released.

Both titles are now available separately from Bijou Video at and select distributors of gay adult videos.

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