OC Cash Sends Cease-and-Desist to XPCash

HOLLYWOOD – XPCash has temporarily shut down its site after OC Cash attorneys sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company accusing it of posting unlicensed material it had allegedly taken from one of OC Cash’s sites.

“It was either incredibly bold or incredibly stupid,” OC Cash owner Jay Quinlan told XBiz, referring to what amounted to a wholesale lift of six titles licensed to OC Cash by Evasive Angles director TT Boy.

Quinlan said that his company was alerted to the existence of the pirated clips on Saturday, June 4, at which point he contacted his lawyer, who then sent cease-and-desist letters to both payment processor CCBill and XPCash.

XPCash took all content down the following Tuesday night. “We are in the process of changing up our sites, content, banners and galleries,” a notice on the index page read. “We will be back online in a couple of weeks.”

The company claimed it had legally appropriated the content and had been unable to contact OC Cash before being served the notice to cease operations.

Portions of TT Boy’s “Bubblebutt Orgy” and other films were used by XPCash, and the director was at first unable to make a positive identification of his material.

“All the faces had been blurred out,” TT Boy said, but then he recognized some of his contract performers by other means. “How could [XPCash] steal this stuff?"

OC Cash launched in the fall of 2004 and shoots its own content as well as distributing exclusive content from third parties.

“XPCash had copied our site down to its color scheme,” Quinlan said, noting that the XPCash site looked like it had taken a lot of time to construct. “Our lawyer told us that we should be flattered.”

Representatives for XPCash could not be reached for comment at press time.