Pink Visual Will Release First Blu-ray Title

Joanne Cachapero
VAN NUYS, Calif. — “Masters of Reality Porn” will be the first title from adult production company Pink Visual to release on Blu-ray.

The company had originally planned a release on both standard and HD DVD but decided to eliminate the HD format when manufacturer Toshiba announced that they would discontinue HD DVD earlier this month.

"We are responding to consumer and industry demand," head of Pink Visual Kim Kysar said. "With Toshiba's recent announcement that they will no longer be producing HD, the Blu-ray versus HD battle has finally been decided."

While, initially, Blu-ray formatting was cost prohibitive for the company, recent changes that have made Blu-ray the dominant high-definition option caused Pink Visual to reassess their position. “Masters of Reality Porn” will be released on standard and Blu-ray DVD.

"In the last few months the growing popularity of Blu-ray convinced us to release the title in both [HD DVD and Blu-ray] formats to reach the widest audience. Now the tide has turned completely," Kysar said, “and we will be releasing in SD and Blu-ray only." For sales information, contact Angel Garcia at (520) 290-0910 x 278, or via email.