DeeCash Acquires MayorsMoney

Q Boyer
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Adult affiliate program MayorsMoney announced today that it has been acquired by DeeCash, the latest in a series of recent acquisitions made by the company.

Jimmy, AKA Wizzo, now the vice president of operations for MayorsMoney, told XBIZ on Wednesday that the acquisition will be seamless from the perspective of existing MayorsMoney affiliates.

“The acquisition will have no ill effects on the affiliates, as the day-to-day operations will stay the same,” Wizzo said. “Long-term, it should benefit our affiliates because we will have many more resources to provide them with quality ad tools, new sites, and many fresh and new products in a more timely manner.”

Wizzo said that Mike “Mayor” Strouse will continue his association with the company as well, albeit in a new capacity.

“I will be the only one moving with the program and will be assuming the role of VP of operations,” Wizzo said. “Mike will also continue to consult with myself and the other team members, but won’t be a part of the day-to-day operations.”

MayorsMoney represents the latest in a series of strategic acquisitions made by DeeCash, which now includes under its umbrella JoinRightNow BadGirlBucks, NichedSites, EliteDollars, EpicCash, JasonAndAlex, MilfCash, PureMeds and TripleXCash. According to Wizzo, additional DeeCash acquisitions are likely in the works.

“[I]t seems Dee has been on a spree as of late, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the future,” Wizzo said. “As someone that has been through the DeeCash acquisition process, Dee and his team have built a system that makes joining their team a simple and effective process. They also have built a quality foundation that has limitless possibilities for growth, so I don’t expect that Dee is done by any stretch.”

Asked about possible cross-promotional campaigns that may be lurking in the future for the various elements of the DeeCash portfolio, Wizzo said he had to remain tight-lipped for the moment.

“We for sure plan to offer some cross-promotions, and we do have some major plans for the future of all the DeeCash properties, but I can’t reveal the details just yet,” Wizzo said.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.