Hungarian Cop Gets Sacked Over Adult Video

Rhett Pardon
BUDAPEST — Another cop has been busted for doing porn.

This time it’s Livia Kovacs, who was spotted by a Budapest police colleague who then informed superiors.

Kovacs, 36, said she had no remorse about being canned from the police department after she shot a video playing a dominatrix cop who uses her handcuffs during a “wild sex session.”

Kovacs said that she’s received queries from adult producers to do more films as a result of all the publicity.

“Since news spread about my acting debut I have been flooded with offers," she said. "I don't care about being fired.”

Kovacs follows in the footsteps of Latina porn star Reina Leone, who was forced to resign from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department nearly three years ago.

Leone, whose real name is Kelly Francisco, was caught on tape by a colleague over an online adult video called “Bus Stop Whores,” distributed by Traffic Cash Gold.

Later, officials found that she had dozens of other adult movie credits.

Shortly after the resignation, Leone married Darryl Watts, who also starred in “Bus Stop Whores.”

Watts, too, later resigned from his day job — his employer was the San Francisco Police Department.