Powersville Releasing 'Little Runaway 2' Monday

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — On Monday director Jim Powers will release "Little Runaway 2" through his Powersville Inc. label. It's a sequel to his 2002 "Little Runaway," an homage to the 1984 Penelope Spheeris film "Suburbia," with hundreds of extras and numerous punk bands.

The video also introduced performers Rob Rotten and Rachel Rotten, who became punk rock icons and eventually became the adopted face of the alt-porn movement.

Powers has said he hopes "Little Runaway 2" will be the film that puts the nail in the coffin of the alt-porn movement.

“You see, this is a punk movie. It’s punk porn," Powers said. “The alt people say stuff like, 'Hey this isn’t just a porn movie — it’s arty, it’s alt.’ Well fuck art, and fuck alt. This is not pretty porn, it’s about hardcore fucking.”

Powers and assistant director Rob Rotten claim that "Little Runaway 2" has intense scenes.

“In one of my favorite scenes in the movie, porn slut Desire Moore is on a bus loaded with real punk-loving degenerates on their way to a concert,” Powers said. “She ends up getting fucked by about 20 of the maniacs. It’s awesome.”

Other scenes include Scarlett Pain with Rob Rotten, and Heather Gables with a skinhead in a scene with a reported 100 street punks looking on and throwing punches at each other.

"Little Runaway 2" also features newcomer Daisy Tanks, a company spokesman said.

The CD/DVD two-disc set also features seven live punk bands performing in the movie and 19 bands on an included bonus CD.

A release party is planned for March 8 at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights, Calif.

For more information or to acquire your copy visit Jerkoffzone.com.