FPG Entertainment Relaunches Website

Jeremy Spencer
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Gay production studio FPG Entertainment has relaunched their company website: FPGentertainment.com.

“We produce some of the best moves in the adult industry and when it came to designing our website, we couldn’t create anything less than the best,” FPG founder and producer Marco Guerra said. “Our new website is the result of months of research using the most advanced technology in order to give our users a complete interactive experience with features never exhibited before.”

Created to take advantage of the popularity of street fighting and UFC-style mixed martial arts (MMA), FPG Entertainment’s testosterone-fueled movies incorporate themes of loyalty and honor with the heat of combat sport and raw man-on-man sex. Unique to gay porn, the hardcore action actually advances the plot and characters.

“FPG members can expect the same quality of design they would find at a Hollywood movie studio website,” said Joe Carder, FPG’s head of Internet operations.

The website features thousands of downloadable photos including well-known gay porn stars Trey Casteel, Cole Ryan, Joe Strong and FPG exclusive Brodie Sinclair.

Members have access to the entire library of FPG films. The website also includes web-only hardcore and BTS content.

“Discarding the outdated method of deceptive three-page tours, we’ve elected to do things differently,” Carder said.

Nonmembers have access to the interior of the website and are able to view full trailers, previews and images.

“This allows the user to easily explore the entire site, right up to the point of downloading the X-rated content,” Carder said. “We’re not afraid to show how much and how different our inventory is. We’re proud of the amount, quality, and uniquely masculine nature of our content — we aim to show, up front, what we’ve got — and how easy it is to get to it.”

“We are trying to give to our customers something that goes beyond the banal,” Guerra said. “For example, we are going to have interviews with our models, but you will barely hear them talking about sex. What people want to know is not who the models are in our DVDs but who the models are. In another words, I want to give models the opportunity to talk about themselves and show their fans that they are more than just sex tools. I want to put an end to those shallow interviews where models only talk about sex with their girlfriends and whether they masturbate in the bathroom or in the shower. At FPG, we believe that models have much more to offer their fans.”

In addition to the galleries and videos (which are also downloadable to mp3 players), FPGEntertainment.com has special features to attract and retain surfers including a blog, a newsletter, a pay-per-view movie theater and a DVD video store. Many more features will be added in the upcoming year.

“One of the first thing we have planned is to add affiliate marketing,” Carder told XBIZ. “I'll be running that as a full-service operation, providing plenty of content and marketing material for our affiliates to use on their sites. Whatever our affiliates need, I'll be there to get for them."

FPG content can be emailed directly to affiliates to be used to attract surfers to their own sites without having to scour FPG’s website for content. Webmasters and bloggers can get hardcore content delivered right to their inbox by visiting http://fpgentertainment.com/affiliates.

“We want FPG to be a quality experience for our customers on every level,” Carder said. “Today, our customers are online as much as they are in front of their TVs, if not more. We're not content to just have any website — we want to have the website, one that becomes a benchmark for quality in this industry.”

FPGEntertainment.com will be fully supported on all platforms and on all browsers. Flexible payment options include everything from credit card to 1-800-eurocheck.

Even more hardcore gay content will be available through FPG’s hosting partner Badpuppy.com. With membership to FPGentertainment.com, members will get full access to over 65 more gay sites, galleries that are updated four times per week, clips, cams, stories, forums and more.

“Badpuppy is the best value available in gay porn,” Guerra said. “And we couldn’t be happier working with them.”

“I like the fact that we're really pushing the envelope as far as what's expected from a new studio,” Carder said. “We've come so far so fast. A new studio getting nominated for two XBIZ Awards is amazing. Now we want to do the same thing online. My background is in corporate Internet marketing and design. I'm used to working on high-profile, high-traffic sites, and I'm really excited that FPG wants that same level of excellence on their site.

“We've had some great comments on it so far,” Carder said. “But all I can say is, ‘Just wait, the best is yet to come.’”

To check out the website, visit FPGentertainment.com