RLD's 'Joey Buttafuoco Caught on Tape' Streets Today

Tom Hymes
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Hot on the heels of the release of the Amy Fischer sex tape, “Amy Fisher Caught On Tape", Red Light District today released "Joey Buttafuoco Caught on Tape", the sex tape that features Fisher's former paramour and his current wife, Evanka.

"Joey Buttafuoco Caught on Tape," which was purportedly shot without the participants' knowledge while they engaged in an explicit tryst during a party at the home of adult director John Stagliano, will retail for $39.95.

According to a Red Light District press release issued today, "Joey and Evanka slip away from a party intent on having sex and that is exactly what they do. It is continuous, XXX explicit, and the cameras secretly placed throughout the bedroom leave nothing to your imagination."

Red Light District CEO David Joseph said that the resulting video was a surprise to everyone involved.

"Spallone didn't know that he had captured Joey and Evanka until a couple of weeks later when he completed reviewing the footage from the party," Joseph said. "He was so surprised to find Joey and Evanka on the tapes.

“When he realized what he had, he came to Red Light District to discuss distribution,” he said. “He knows we are the best in town to work with on these types of deals."

Fisher and Buttafuoco became a tabloid sensation and spawned three TV movies after their 1992 affair, when Fisher was underage. She subsequently shot Buttafuoco's first wife, Mary Jo. Later, Buttafuoco was put behind bars for having sex with a minor.

In addition to its renown as a leading gonzo studio, RLD is also well known for its line-up of other celebrity titles, such as “1 Night In Paris," “1 Night In China” and “Screeched.”