Katana's 'Kimono Kronicles' Streets Monday

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — "The Kimono Kronicles," produced by Third World Media's Katana imprint, will hit store shelves on Monday.

Starring Mirai Haneda and cover girl Junko, the film also features Yuzuru and Japanese male performer and professional wrestler Chocoball.

"This title, just like all Katana offerings, features top Japanese adult video starlets," Third World Media President Steve Scott said. "Mirai is one of the cutest girls — with the biggest tits — to come out of Japan. Yuzuru is young, beautiful and is currently under contract with one of Japan’s top manufacturers.

“Finally there's Junko, a recently discovered, beautifully aged woman who relives her youth in adult videos and fulfills all her fantasies," he said.

The Katana line was established to take authentic Japanese porn and tailor it to the tastes of an international audience.

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