Robot Sex Scene Breached Australia’s Broadcast Rules

Rhett Pardon
SYDNEY — Broadcast network SBS broke Australian rules by airing a documentary about sex toys and novelties featuring a scene in which a naked woman has sex with a robotic dildo.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority found SBS breached federal codes by showing British documentary “Obscene Machines” in April last year.

ACMA, which investigated the program after receiving a complaint from a viewer, found the show was too extreme for its MA15+ classification.

One segment features close-up shots of a naked woman apparently being penetrated by a mechanical dildo.

“This segment is approximately 2 minutes and 24 seconds in duration and features a sex scene in which a naked woman is apparently being penetrated by a mechanical dildo,” ACMA wrote in a report. “This segment includes several visuals of sexual activity, which are inter-cut with interviews with the creator of the machine and a sexologist, who provide commentary on the nature of the machine and human sexuality, respectively.”

Another scene focuses on an elderly man's use of a life-like sex doll called Emma, modeled after his 18-year-old ex-wife when she married him when he was 53.

The broadcast watchdog rejected SBS's argument that a large proportion of the program dealt with the sexual activities of the old and disabled and was informational.

"ACMA considers that the treatment of the subject matter in ‘Obscene Machines’ is adult in nature and is therefore unsuitable for ordinary 15-year-old audience members," ACMA said.

In a statement, SBS said it would not screen the program again.