Elite Male Studios Signs the Visconti Triplets

Jeremy Spencer
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Elite Male Studios, one of the high-end studios distributed by Valley Pro Video, has announced that they have signed the Visconti triplets to a two-year exclusive deal.

The Visconti brothers — Joey, Jimmy and Jason — are 19 years old and hail from Budapest, Hungary.

“We are delighted to accept Elite Male’s offer, and are so excited to start shooting with all those hot Elite Male models and the famous Joe Budai,” the Viscontis said.

“The gay adult industry is known for its fantasy films about twins,” Valley Pro Video Distributors Director of Production Andrew T said, “but triplets are unheard of — let alone brothers with the magnitude of impact the Visconti triplets will have.”

Valley Pro Video has been producing feature and niche films in the gay market for 15 years.

“This is a coup,” Andrew T said. “We can’t wait to start shooting. The creative possibilities are endless and we intend to take full advantage of this opportunity.”

The first as-yet-untitled film is already in production, having shot the first scene, one that features all three brothers.

Behind-the-scenes photos and still galleries will be made available upon request for inclusion in upcoming print publications.

“A second photographer will be on set to assure the best coverage possible,” T said.

“Having exclusives like this takes Elite Male to an entirely new level” he added. “And it sets a new bar for every other production company to reach — if they can.”

Elite Male is distributed exclusively by Valley Pro Video Distributors.

Wholesale inquiries should contact Boris or Michael at (818) 678-2960.

For further information, contact Andrew T at (818) 678-2966, or email him at AndrewT@usMaleinc.com