Raging Stallion, ‘Grunts,’ Sweep GAYVN Awards

SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production studio Raging Stallion Studios took top honors at the 2008 GAYVN Awards, earning a total of 10 awards and all of the top prizes.

“Grunts,” the 40-scene film coproduced with NakedSword, took Best Picture and codirectors Chris Ward and Ben Leon shared the prize for Best Director. Ward and Leon also picked up the trophy for Best Editor.

Raging Stallion's 2007 Man of the Year Jake Deckard won Best Actor for his portrayal of Sergeant Houle and Ricky Sinz won Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film.

Roman Ragazzi and Sinz were given the award for Best Sex Scene and Sinz took his third prize of the night for Best Solo Performance.

Kent Taylor and Geof Teague shared the award for Best Photographer.

Deckard also won the coveted title of Performer of The Year — arguably the top prize at the show.

“I've done pretty much everything I can now as a model,” Deckard said. “And now I've got Lucite to prove it. From this point on everything I do is about my new production company, Screaming Eagle XXX. It’s nice to have some control. Like Ferris Bueller said, ‘If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.’”

Raging Stallion has won Performer of The Year for four of the past five years.

“It was our night,” Raging Stallion President Chris Ward said. ‘Grunts’ was a great film — it was the best of the year. I thought we stood a good chance of winning and my staff was pretty sure that we would do well. I cautioned all of my team that sometimes how you lose is more important than how you win. Mentally, we were ready for any result. As the awards began coming our way we were excited beyond belief. It was a great night, one that I will remember forever."

Leon, who shared the top awards with Ward, was ecstatic with his armful of plastic. "We worked our asses off on this movie and the awards are a testament to hard work, high hopes and our actors and crew,” he said. “Achieving this recognition will force me to work harder in the future and aim for bigger and more demanding projects.”

“Grunts,” the top-selling movie of the past five years, was a $250,000 film — perhaps one of the most expensive productions in recent years.

“I always wanted to make a military movie,” said Ward. "But I needed to wait until I had the resources to do it — having a whole platoon of troops is very expensive. I think Raging Stallion has made a classic and I hope people enjoy it for many years to come.”