Adult Stars Rock Mexico City's 'Sex & Entertainment' Show

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Brooke Haven, Rhyse Richards, Gianna Lynn and Rhylee Richards traveled to the Adult Oriented Sex & Entertainment Expo last week.

"This was very exciting. For being so new to this industry and receive a reception like I did, it was very overwhelming." first-time visitor Rhyse Richards said. "There were huge banners with all our faces on them. It was exhilarating." "They treated us like we were rock stars," Haven said. " The fans were great. The people in Mexico City love their porn girls. The mainstream press has no problem making this event front page news in the papers here."

Gianna Lynn and Rhylee Richards also were pleased by their welcome at the Expo, now in its fifth year.

"I think I'm still blind from all the photograph flashes," Rhylee Richards said.

"It was a great experience. I want to do it again next year," Lynn added.

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