Chopperhead Magazine Courts Adult Industry

Joanne Cachapero
PASADENA, Calif. — Biker lifestyle publication Chopperhead is aggressively courting adult industry advertisers and models to appear in the newly revamped magazine.

“We want adult businesses to feel free to advertise,” Chopperhead Publisher Tim told XBIZ. “We can’t show any nudity in the ads so they’ll have to clean them up, but our demographic is a strong supporter of adult media and Chopperhead is the perfect venue to promote something mainstream.”

The magazine also offers other opportunities for adult performers and filmmakers to cross-promote.

Chopperhead is seeking female performers to be photographed for layouts. The shoots would not involve nudity.

“[We’re looking for] women in the adult industry who want to do mainstream work, who want to work with rock bands, or we’ll do spreads just on them — if they have that right look. Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll put you to work.”

Filmmakers also have a chance to be showcased in the magazine’s monthly “Outlaw Filmmakers” feature.

“In this issue, we’re featuring an adult filmmaker named Blaise Christie,” Tim said.

“How it works — if you’re an adult filmmaker and you make really good movies and I check it out and I like it, you’ll get a write-up,” he added. “Blaise makes movies that are just good — so I want to make that known.”

Last month, the magazine went from pamphlet to a full-size format, and also secured new distribution that will place the publication in Barnes & Noble and Hastings Music stores. By spring, the magazine is expected to be available in Borders bookstores and on newsstands.

To celebrate the magazine’s relaunch, Chopperhead is throwing a party this Sunday at McMurphy’s Tavern in Pasadena, Calif. Adult industry members are encouraged to attend.

Several major rock names, including Motorhead lead singer Lemmy Killmister, are expected to attend.

“We’ve got him coming down, and I don’t know how long he’s going to stay — it depends on how good the party is, so we want to encourage all the porn chicks to come,” Tim said. “It’s the same with every celebrity we’ve got. They’re going to come, but if it’s not happening, they’re going to walk in and walk out. So we need the porn industry to make sure it’s a good time.

“We’ve got Sully from Godsmack, we’ve got a couple of guys from Buck Cherry coming down who’ve been in previous issues of Chopperhead. And we’ve got one other person — I’m not going to say his name, but he won’t come unless his friends call and tell him it’s happening. He’s a rocker from Detroit.”

There will be giveaways at the party, including free issues of Chopperhead and shoes from designer Ed Hardy. Party sponsors X-Pole and Xtreme energy drink also will offer free products.

Admission to the party is free, and the doors open at 8 p.m.

For more information on Chopperhead Magazine, contact them through the MySpace page, or at (626) 358-2676.