WET International Launches Travel, Trial Size Bottles

Anne Winter
VALENCIA, Calif. — Lubricant manufacturer WET International has released its lubes in travel- and trial-size bottles following customer request for pocket-sized product.

The new bottles are fully compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration as carry-on items, and a company representative said the bottles were ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in pockets or handbags.

The smaller containers also were released to make it easy for consumers to test out new products, WET Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Martsolf said.

“The distributors have really responded with enthusiasm,” Martsolf said. “You know a product is a hit when the samples have almost disappeared on the first day."

The 1.5-ounce bottles come in 13 varieties, including Wet Naturals Body Glide and Inttimo shave cream, and WET Vice President of Sales Scott Watkins said the company has been manufacturing around the clock to fill every order.

"We love what we do here and we love to see people respond so positively to new product," Watkins said. "Our customers are number one, and we strive to give them what they want.”

For more information, visit StaysWetLonger.com.