Writer/Director DCypher Available

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Writer/director DCypher, who won Feature Director of the Year at the 2008 XBIZ Awards, is available for writing and directing.

"I'm open and available to work with anyone," DCypher told XBIZ. "Since my contract with Club Jenna/Playboy ended, I've done a feature at Metro, and we have another one in the works — Cal Vista titles, like we used to shoot before."

DCypher has written or directed more than 200 adult videos in 10 years, many of which have been shown on late-night cable.

"There's a good chance that whether you know me or not, I've probably done something you've watched if you're an adult fan," DCypher said. "Particularly fans of couples porn, feature porn — 'story porn' as I call it."

He’s also written and directed hardcore videos including "Prisoner," "Wonderland" and "Nowhere Angels."'

"I'm known to be a little dark, a little edgy sometimes, but I'm all over the board. I've written fluffy stuff for Michael Raven and Wicked. I've written for everybody from Bud Lee to Francois Clouzot to Nic Cramer back in the day. I just wrote a sex comedy for David Lord called 'Bree Olson's Slumber Party' for Adam & Eve. I don't just do dark, edgy titles about people shooting each other and overdosing on drugs. There are other things too."

DCypher also is available for consultation on marketing and public relations.

"I'm putting a strong emphasis on adding components of the Internet and guerilla marketing into your publicity department," DCypher said. "That's the only way a lot of companies are going to survive what's coming as we watch DVD sales plummet and they wonder why amateur footage is outselling their product on the Internet. I would prefer to do more marketing and PR, and then focus on scripts that I love."

For more information, email DCypher at devan@dv8cultx.com.