Tera Patrick Returns to ‘Teradise Island’

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Adult star Tera Patrick stars in the follow-up to Teravision’s big-budget hit, “Teradise Island.” Director Spyder Jonez took the cast and crew back to Hawaii for the series’ second installment.

“I knew exactly what I was up against,” Jonez said of duplicating the first movies’ success. “‘Teradise Island’ was one of Teravision’s biggest sellers and fans expected something bigger and better this time around. That is exactly what I set out to give them.”

Jonez filmed the movie using the natural beauty of Hana, Maui as his backdrop. The movie kicks off with Patrick and Brittany Skye in their first scene together as waves crash on the rocks behind them on the beach.

“Combining beauty and hot sex is what Teravision is all about,” Jonez said. “Anyone can shoot two gorgeous women on a beach. Similarly, anyone can shoot two performers going at it hard on a couch. We want to take the best of both of those worlds, combine it, and give the audience beauty, elegance and filth.”

Adding to Patrick’s star power, “Teradise Island 2” features Nikki Benz, Lucy Lee and Alexis Amore — all in anal scenes. The action keeps pace, moving from lush forestry to a beach house to a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Patrick is featured in three scenes in the movie including the aforementioned girl/girl scene with Skye, a boy/girl scene with Jerry and a boy/girl anal scene with real life partner, Jones.

“I figured it was only fair,” Jonez said of his performance. “I’m asking my cast to perform in these difficult locations. There was no way I was going to have my scene be in a bed somewhere. Tera and I went right out there and got it done. It isn’t the first time we had sex in such a place, but it is the first time we have done it with cameras rolling.”

Though it would be difficult to top the first movie, Patrick believes number two did it.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have had the luxury of making a lot of very visual high-end adult films,” Patrick said. “The ‘Teradise Island’ series is Teravision’s marquee exotic locations line. I am extremely proud of the movie, the cast, the sex and the artwork/imagery. So many of my fans have asked to see me in more Island movies so what we always say at Teravision is ‘give the people what they want.’”

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