Named Sexiest Kink Trend by Maxim Magazine

Anne Winter
LOS ANGELES – Specialty fetish retailer was highlighted by Maxim Magazine for providing tools for what it calls the sexiest kink trend – the Super Deluxe Violet Wand Kit, a collection of wands and cords for electronic sexual stimulation.

Stockroom Marketing Coordinator Andrea Mata told XBIZ that the magazine contacted Stockroom CEO Joel Tucker in December to ask him about trends in kink, and he recommended the electrosex kit for stimulation.

“They’re great for stimulation,” Tucker said. “Or torture, as the case may be.”

Neither Mata or Stockroom President Mike Herman said they were not surprised by the kinky recognition, especially after Stockroom's newest items, the Bolero Straitjacket and the Jawbreaker Ball Gag, drew attention from Fox News.

"This is the communication age, and more and more people are regularly being exposed to new ideas and because of that are becoming more adventurous sexually," Herman said.

Herman believes that as the public's interest in sex expands, they learn more, and what was once deemed edgy soon becomes more acceptable and approachable.

"Also, intelligent people are more likely to get bored with regular sex," Herman said. "They are more inclined to seek out a new thrill. Magazines like Maxim are speaking to a demographic that is definitely asking to hear more."