Vergenza Releases Mk. I Handcrafted Erotic Tool

Anne Winter
NEW YORK — New adult product manufacturer Vergenza Inc. has released its first "erotic tool," the Mk. I, made out of aircraft-quality aluminum and marketed as a lifestyle product.

Vergenza CEO Jessica Resler told XBIZ that the Mk. I is an original, double-ended design. One end is smooth and the other ridged with "pleasure orbs" for added sensation.

Resler said the simplistic, high-end design is intented to encourage users to display the Mk. I at home, rather than kept hidden away.

"Our product is further differentiated because our company credo is based on brand and design," Resler said. "We feel that sex toy companies don’t focus on branding their products, or if they do it can be graphic and aggressive. Our goal is to build a lifestyle brand where our customers know that using a Vergenza means you are using the finest erotic tool."

The concept behind the company's marketing plan, as well as its identity as a whole, is based around the idea of American luxury with Jazz Age detailing, as can be seen at Vergenza's flagship website. Resler said her products are meant to be style-oriented, high-fashion tools.

Next for Vergenza will be releasing the Mk. I in four colors – chrystler, gris, obsidian and chambourd – and producing the Vergenza Body Bow, made of heavy satin and wearable alone or over lingerie. Bondage rope with aluminum toggles also is in the works, and different-sized Mk. Is, including cockring options, will be available later this year.

And staying true to Vergenza's lifestyle-branding aspiration, Resler said a collection of stationary featuring naughty and nice notes will be developed, so users can leave their loved ones stylized messages any time.

Resler said she and her team are alumnae of New York University's Stern School of Business, where the idea for developing a new kind of adult company first arose. Now, Vergenza Inc. is a female owned and operated company that creates gender-neutral erotic tools.

"We began our company because we noticed how sex toys marketed to women are often portrayed as a replacement for a lover and we felt like this was way off the mark," Resler said. "The sex toys Vergenza makes will appeal to a sexually fearless woman or man and as the CEO, I will always uphold the female perspective in our product development."