Friend Says Tampa Cops Set Up Jessica Sierra

LOS ANGELES — In a taped interview, a reported longtime friend of "American Idol" contestant Jessica Sierra claims that Sierra's arrest last December was a set up by Tampa police. The interview is available on the Jessica Sierra Superstar website.

Danielle Norman, reportedly Sierra's best friend since grade school, talked about being with the singer when police arrested Sierra outside the Full Moon Saloon in Tampa in early December in the interview

"We're in the club hanging out and somebody was messing with Jessica," Norman said. "So everyone stepped outside. She came indoors and went across the street. She was waving her hands up in the air, trying to tell people to leave her alone. I tried to grab her and her shoes fell off and she fell and I fell too. The cops wouldn't let me pull her away.

"The cops pushed her in the car and she started throwing up. They wouldn't let her go; they said they thought she was rowdy. The cops were of course going to try to keep her so they could get points for getting her and get on the news."

Asked how she felt about Sierra's current stint in rehab, Norman said, "I hope she goes through it successfully. She's pregnant. So hopefully she thinks about the baby. I hope she keeps [the baby]; obviously it was meant for a good cause — so she doesn't get in trouble again and she has something to look forward."

Norman said she wants to start a "Free Jessica Sierra" movement.

"Leave her the fuck alone. Ger out of her damn business. We'll party when she get out. We'll go for karaoke. But no coke — because I don't want to get her back on this fast track. Just one night, but not bumps in the bathroom." Vivid sales manager David Peskin described Sierra's wild life since her "American Idol" appearances this way: "She pleaded no contest to cocaine possession, did some jail time and made a full-on hardcore sex tape with a boyfriend that's every bit as wild as everything else she does. Jessica Sierra will make your pulse race and your head spin … and that's no idol threat."

For more information, visit the Jessica Sierra Superstar website.