The Screaming O, Dr. Sadie Allison Make KROQ Appearance

Anne Winter
LOS ANGELES — "Sexpert" Dr. Sadie Allison appeared on KROQ's "Kevin and Bean in the Morning" for its Valentine's Day special, where she gave listeners her thoughts on her favorite sex toy, the Screaming-O cockring.

Allison touted the Screaming-O to be one of the best ways to build orgasm during lovemaking.

“Since approximately 70 percent of women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone, the Screaming-O is the perfect orgasm builder solution,” Allison said. “A couples-friendly sensual aid, it offers pleasure to both men and women.”

Allison also discussed her new book, "Ride 'Em Cowgirl — Sex Positions for Better Bucking," and told listeners she will be giving away free Screaming-O rings with each purchase.

“There’s still so much that people want to learn about sexual pleasure, but don’t know where to turn,” she said. “They find when they reach for my how-to sex help books more than just the light bulb turns on.”

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