Bushman Products Wins Women's Health Award for Second Year

Anne Winter
LOS ANGELES — Bushman Products, parent company of The Screaming O line of sex toys, has won a second Women's Health Magazine award, this time for its Screaming Octopus vibe.

Bushman Vice President Keith Caggiano told XBIZ that the company is proud to have another product recognized by the mainstream media, something that Bushman Products always strives for.

"Our focus has always been to put out products that can appeal to any and everyone and do it in a fun, non-threatening way," Caggiano said. "The truth is that everyone is interested in sex so we want to make products that can appeal to everyone and make people comfortable doing it. When everyone is more comfortable about sex it will be a better world."

Last year, The Screaming O won for "Best Ring," and Caggiano said this year The Screaming Octopus was put in its own category for Women's Health Magazine's Second Annual Sex Awards.

The handful of products selected to win awards were put into categories such as Trysts in the Tub, Long Distance Lova and Marathon Sex, and the Screaming Octopus was named Best for Underwater Exploring.

“The Screaming Octopus is a fun little product with a unique design unlike anything else on the market,” Caggiano said. “[Women's Health] really do their homework when it comes to these awards, and to be selected as one of the top products for women, by women, is a huge compliment.”

The Screaming Octopus is a new Bushman creation that features eight vibrating tentacles that work both in and out of water, and its compact shape make it a discreet product to keep both in the bedroom and bathtub.

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