Amber Lynn Kicks Off Comeback Dancing Tour

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Adult star Amber Lynn has announced the kick-off to her 2008 Comeback Tour, with a premiere appearance at Gold Club Centerfolds, located in Ranch Cordova, Calif., from Feb. 20-23.

“The great thing about it is that they have an adult club and a giant bookstore on the same premises,” Lynn told XBIZ, explaining that the appearance will reach out to a wide range of fans.

“I get a lot of couples traffic, due to of my longevity and because women are not intimidated by me because I’m not a young bimbette anymore,” Lynn said. “They feel like they can dialogue with me, and so I see a lot of couples in bookstores that I would not get in the clubs. You get two different genres.”

Lynn is slated to perform in 11 shows over the three-day appearance, and she also would sign for fans in the retail area of the venue.

“I’m doing two, two-hour signings, Friday and Saturday, at the bookstore to coincide with the appearance,” she said. “And the club will be distributing my movies around every performance that I do in the club. I’m gonna have all my available movies on hand.”

Lynn also will launch her official 2008 commemorative poster, titled “In the Presence of a Legend,” which shows the 40-something Lynn posed provocatively on a pole.

Lynn rose to prominence in the ‘80s as an adult performer in titles such as Suze Randall’s “Love Bites,” “If My Mother Only Knew” and “The Graffenberg Spot,” co-starring Ginger Lynn and iconic male performer John Holmes.

After several years hiatus to address family issues and pursue her education, Lynn has mounted a full-blown comeback campaign this year, with three new titles releasing in the next few months.

“It’s going to be all new photos, all new stuff coming out right now, and it’s fresh. It’s a fresh look for me,” Lynn said. “It’s a new time for me in the industry, and I’m really excited about doing this. I’ve gotten a tremendous response from the press that has been released about me, for the fans. Tons of emails and support. It just feels really good to be where I am today.” Gold Club Centerfolds is located at 11363 Folsom Blvd., in Ranch Cordova. For more information, contact the club at (916) 858-0444.