Vavoom TV Signs Mia Presley to Host 'The Nude Chef'

Anne Winter
LAS VEGAS — Vavoom TV has signed adult starlet Mia Presley to host its sexy cooking show, "The Nude Chef," which will combine the arts of cooking and sex.

Vavoom Vice President Kent Wallace told XBIZ that he and company President Stephen Brown found Presley to be a well-spoken and hilarious firecracker who pitched them on hosting a show based on a cookbook she's writing.

"If she wasn’t so darn hot she’d be working in a kitchen for sure," Wallace said. "Cooking is her passion. She is well aware of the symbiotic relationship between sex and food. She is also quite the little mixologist and is fond of pairing not only wines with food, but mixed drinks as well. She is the real deal."

Wallace said each episode will feature Presley preparing a sensual meal, regularly changing in and out of sexy outfits while describing her cooking process from beginning to end with plenty of double entendres. Each meal will be prepared with a specially made drink.

"Mia’s objective is to create sensual and sex-enhanced meals," Wallace said. "She’s not just cooking, she’s the [sexual enhancer] Cialis of chefs — her food is a form of foreplay."

Presley said that she's a true food aficionado and is excited to host a show that combines two of her favorite things.

"I'm thrilled to be able to prepare erotic meals and pair them with equally libido-fueled libations," Presley said. "I'll both please the palate and pepper the pulse."

Wallace also said that Presley will be appearing in a special girl/girl scene with fellow Vavoom star Sunset Thomas in her final title, "Into the Sunset," to be distributed by LFP at a later date.