Titan Media Wins 2008 XBIZ GLBT Studio of the Year Award

SAN FRANCISCO —Titan Media received the GLBT Studio of the Year award at the XBIZ Awards show. The awards ceremony held last Thursday at the Highlands in Hollywood, Calif.

On hand to accept the award were GAYVN Hall of Fame director and Titan Media CEO Bruce Cam and Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb.

“It is truly an honor to be the recipient of the very first GLBT Studio of the Year award presented by XBIZ,” President and CEO of Titan Media Bruce Cam said. “We would like to thank XBIZ founder and President Alec Helmy, publisher Tom Hymes, GLBT Editor Jeremy Spencer and the entire XBIZ family for bestowing this very prestigious award upon Titan Media. We recognize the importance of being the first and will continue to lead by example for others in the gay adult industry."

This year’s awards show was the first time in the event’s six-year history to include GLBT categories.

“We are very proud and humbled to be recognized as the preeminent GLBT Studio of the Year,” Vice-President of Titan Media Keith Webb said. “The entire team at Titan Media works hard every single day to produce the finest in gay adult erotica and to make a product we can all be proud of. As one of the premier condom only gay studios, we feel we have an obligation to our community to eroticize and portray only safer sex practices in our films. I hope that this award can be yet another example to others in the industry that sticking to your morals and doing the right thing can indeed have an impact on both your product and your bottom line."