AMG Brasil Releases ‘Suruba: Agua’

Joanne Cachapero
EL CERRITO, Calif. — Gay production studio AMG Brasil has released its first major title for 2008, “Suruba: Agua.”

The company, which is known for videos produced in the exotic rainforests of the Amazon and cast with native performers, has made a departure from their usual style, moving out of the jungle and next to the pool for the new release.

“Suruba: Agua” is available for retail purchase at the studio’s online store and will ship to retailers on March 10.

The video stars AMG Brasil performers Peterson Correa, Oliver Lima, and Rick Ferraz alongside several new native models. New performer Marcelo Mastro gives a standout performance in his video debut and appears also on the video’s boxcover.

“You’re going to fall in love with Marcelo,” AMG Brasil President Dennis Bell said. “[He] was the obvious choice to grace the cover of our first release of the year,” Bell said. “He looks so innocent, but when he gets down to business, the good-boy persona goes right out the window. He s a real animal.”

Bell compared Mastro’s potential as a performer to AMG Brasil exclusive Ricardo Onça, who is nominated for three awards at this week’s GAYVN Awards, to be held in San Francisco.

Mastro will be featured in several upcoming titles from AMG Brasil, throughout 2008.

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