Vavoom TV Signs Tyler Faith to Host 'Vavoom Magazine'

Anne Winter
LAS VEGAS — Adult production company Vavoom Media has signed adult star Tyler Faith to host Vavoom TV's "Vavoom Magazine," a lifestyle show joining the company's lineup.

Vavoom President Stephen Brown said that Vavoom Magazine is slated to be the "ultimate who, what and where of sex, sass and sophistication," and Faith — who he calls the "embodiment" of those three qualities — was the ideal choice as host.

“It’s the most lascivious lifestyle show imaginable,” Brown said.

Vavoom Vice President Kent Wallace told XBIZ that the company chose Faith because of her media experience on KSEX radio and the fact that she's more than just an adult star.

"Tyler is so smart and articulate and has media and people skills," Wallace said. "She's such a natural. It's like getting another Sunset [Thomas]-caliber person, someone who you're not going to hear people say many negative things about. That's not always easy to come by."

Wallace said that Vavoom Magazine is similarly formatted to mainstream entertainment news shows, such as Entertainment Tonight, but will have a bit of a twist. He also said the company is in talks with adult star Tommy Gunn to host a car segment.

"It's very much a mainstream template but with that sexy Vavoom slant," Wallace said. "[Vavoom TV] will cover everything, anything considered entertainment, but always with that Vavoom slant."

Segments featuring Vegas staples Carrot Top and Bobby Slayton, as well as UFC stars Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell already have been taped, and upcoming episodes featuring Lux Kassidy and Randy West at the Adult Entertainment Expo are slated to air.

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