IVD Updates B2B Online Ordering Service

Steve Javors
HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — Adult video distributor IVD has relaunched a new and improved B2B Online Service for retailers. The company’s B2B ordering site, IVD1.com, features an updated shopping cart and new search functions.

According to IVD Public Relations Manager Alexandra H., all the newly instituted upgrades are focused on making the site more functional and easier to use.

One new, key feature the company is touting is its bulk export feature, which allows for extra customization for larger orders. By utilizing this feature, bulk orders from the website are input into a downloadable spreadsheet.

Another important update is the ability to now select different shipping addresses for one order.

“The customer can therefore split up orders, instead of having to take the extra steps of placing individual orders for different shipping destinations, or calling their individual sales reps and saying, ‘Hey, of those 200 “Girls Gone Wild Platinum Edition” DVDs, can you send 100 to Address X and 200 to Address Y?” IVD corporate training officer Raj said. “It used to be a small headache.”

For more information, contact Alexandra H. at (609) 426-1777, or email alexandra@ivd1.com.