‘All About Anna’ Sells 30,000 Units

Joanne Cachapero
COPENHAGEN — Denmark-based production studios Zentropa Productions and Innocent Pictures have announced that adult film “All About Anna” has sold 30,000 units internationally.

The movie was co-produced by Zentropa and Innocent Pictures, and released in the U.S. at the end of January through a distribution deal with Wicked Pictures.

“All About Anna” has won multiple European awards, including three Scandinavian Adult Awards, including Best Scandinavian Couples Film, Best Scandinavian Actor (Thomas Raft) and Best-Selling Scandinavian Star of 2006 (Gry Bay).

It was also nominated for two EroticLine Awards in 2006, and screened at various film festivals including the Zurich Film Festival and Italy’s Io, Isabella Film Week.

According to Danish adult industry standards, the title has “gone platinum,” so Zentropa and Innocent Pictures will throw a gala platinum reception at the Museum Erotica, located in Copenhagen. The event is scheduled for Jan. 11, from 3-5 p.m.

The museum also will screen “All About Anna” on Monday, as well as several other Zentropa Productions adult titles throughout the week.

Zentropa is Scandinavia’s largest producer of mainstream movies, and one of the only companies internationally that produces both mainstream and hardcore adult films.

“All About Anna” stars Danish mainstream actress/performer Gry Bay, who has appeared in numerous European movie and TV programs, as well as on the live stage.

“[The movie] is a couples-oriented hardcore feature film. It’s about a modern woman, Anna, who’s trying to distance herself from romantic relationships,” screenwriter Anya Aims said, describing the film’s plot.

“When she is tempted to resume a relationship with Johan, the man who broke her heart five years previously, she instead leaves the country to pursue a career in Paris,” Aims explained. “They are both miserable and may seem destined for each other, but when Anna returns prematurely to resolve the matter, she finds Johan sleeping in the same bed as her tenant Camilla, and this sends Anna even further on her voyage of self-discovery.”

The three-disc set includes the original “All About Anna” title, as well as Volumes 2 and 3 of the popular series.

For more information, visit the Innocent Pictures website.