Collin O’Neal Doubles Updates to Site

Joanne Cachapero
MIAMI, Fla. — Gay producer/director Collin O’Neal has announced that he has increased updates to his World of Men website. New scenes will be added weekly, as well as photo sets and other exclusive content.

According to O’Neal, he is expanding his content library in order to be competitive with larger studios.

“I knew I had to increase the number of updates to compete with other sites out there, so I took the bull by the horns and got to working,” he said.

O’Neal’s trademark style features muscular men from all over the world, often shot in foreign locations. Up until now, has only featured intercourse scenes, but O’Neal said that he will start adding solos.

“I thought it was very important not to fill up my website with solos that are easy and cheap to make,” he said, explaining why he had avoided solo scenes in the past.

“I will feature a solo once every two months or so, and only if I happen to like them. I also have a policy of no ‘fake’ straight for pay content. I just think that is silly, who is being fooled?”

Selected scenes, shot for the website, will appear also on DVDs from the company’s World of Men line, but much of the newer content will be exclusive to the site.

Exclusive performers will also appear on the site. A model from Syria named Jacko will be featured in video O’Neal posted this week, from footage that was recently shot in Turkey. The scenes also feature models Jesus Betancourt and Jean Franko.

“If I were to play the ‘exclusive game’ Jacko would be an exclusive,” O’Neal said, “but Jacko is not easy to track down, very loyal to me, and a contract would not hold up anywhere anyway. He is so hard to find that I dare any producer to try and use him. I personally drove to the border of Syria and then took a taxi to where Jacko lives to bring him back to Turkey with me to film.”

While shooting in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, O’Neal and the models were almost caught in the midst of an anti-Al Qaeda operation. Mounted by the local police against an insurgent group located around the corner from the hotel where they were staying, O’Neal and the models heard gunfire and a loud explosion.

The incident was recounted by O’Neal on his blog, The blog, which had originally been part of the World of Men paysite, has been completely revamped and accessible to users as a free site, which will also feature weekly updates.

“I thought it would be great if everyone could read about my adventures without having to go through my website to find it,” O’Neal said. “I plan on updating my blog at least once per week with my travel and porn stories.”