FSC Receives Outpouring of Support for 2257 Lawsuit

Gretchen Gallen
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – On the heels of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales signing the revised 2257 statutes into law, the Free Speech Coalition is moving forward with its legal challenge and has so far received an outpouring of support from the adult entertainment industry, FSC Executive Director Michelle Freridge told XBiz.

"The response has been overwhelming," Freridge said, referring to the hundreds of membership applications and donations that have been received since the new regulations were approved on May 23.

Only FSC members will enjoy the benefits if the lawsuit is successful in striking down aspects of 2257, which many fear could have a devastating effect on the industry if something isn't done to oppose it.

Freridge told XBiz that the FSC is gearing up to hire more staff and add additional telephone lines to cope with the sudden growth to its membership roster, and within the coming weeks, FSC staff will be posting a list of donors and solicitors of donations to its website to publicly thank and recognize those who support the FSC's legal challenge.

As for a date when the lawsuit will be filed, Freridge said it will definitely happen before June 23 when the revised law goes into effect.

"The attorneys are working furiously everyday, all day, and as soon as they know when they are going to file they will let us know," she said.

In the meantime, the FSC requests that any individual or company that would like to set up a fund-raising campaign in support of the 2257 legal challenge, please contact FSC Communications Director Tom Hymes with detailed information about what they plan to do.

“Abiding by this request will help us keep track of the legitimate fund-raising operations,” Freridge said, “and help distance us from those who might use the opportunity to benefit their own companies under the pretense of fighting the good fight.”