Dirty Bird/Prodigy Pictures Release ‘Brent Corrigan’s Summit’

Jeremy Spencer
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Dirty Bird Pictures announced that controversial performer Brent Corrigan has shot his directorial debut for his newly formed studio, Prodigy Pictures. The movie is entitled “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” and will be executive produced by Dirty Bird’s Dink Flamingo.

“Having the opportunity to work with Brent on ‘The Porne Ultimatum’ gave me the confidence to move forward with the ‘Brent Corrigan’s Summit’ project,” Flamingo said. “Both he and [his business partner] Grant Roy have a great eye for what the Brent Corrigan fans want to see. They are perfectionists and it shows in the finished product.”

The movie concept, which was written by Corrigan, was to bring 10 models to a secluded cabin in the mountains and film “reality style.” The goal was to catch the interaction and excitement that comes from a group of guys left alone to have fun in the mountains of Lake Tahoe.

In addition to Corrigan, “Brent Corrigan’s Summit” stars Mason Wyler, Damien White, Reese Reynolds, Adam Wells, Brooklyn Ray, Justin Tyler, Keegan Kemp, Jacob Powell and Kodie Payne.

Several of Flamingo’s Active Duty models, known for being straight military men, joined Corrigan’s handpicked gay models to add more interest and possible tension on the set.

“The movie took nine days to shoot,” Dirty Bird Pictures Director of Operations Steve Jerome said. “All the models were told the cameras would be rolling all the time. We had four identical cameras to make sure we got everything. It was a lot of fun. We spent a day riding snowmobiles in the mountains where we got a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe.

“We did miss getting video of Dink falling off his snowmobile because he was giving the camera guy the finger,” Jerome said.

“I am extremely honored that Dink Flamingo chose to take on the executive producer role for Prodigy Pictures’ debut production,” Roy said. “The entire cast and crew were amazing. It has been a privilege to have participated in a project that we are certain will transcend into something truly unique that fans will enjoy.”

Roy and Jerome will co-edit “Brent Corrigan’s Summit.”

“It’s my first time I have jointly edited with someone,” said Jerome, who has edited all Dirty Bird titles. “Grant is doing a great job.”

“With much anticipation and excitement I proudly announce the upcoming release of my directorial debut,” Corrigan said. “Looking back, it’s been a three-year journey, fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, setbacks and scandals. But… the paramount was reached. The “Summit” is here. It’s one of the sweetest victories of my life.”

Corrigan gained notoriety back in late 2005 when it was revealed that he had performed in four videos for then-prominent bareback company Cobra Video while he was underage.

An unfortunate link in 1997 to Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, the accused murderers of Cobra Video’s owner Bryan Kocis, and a series of struggles later, Corrigan is focusing on the positive.

“More than anything else, ‘Brent Corrigan’s Summit’ is about what will prevail in the future for Prodigy Pictures and Dirty Bird Pictures,” he said. “Though ‘Summit’ has proven to be a labor of love, I sincerely look forward to implementing my own ideas as a director and producer. We were lucky to work with some of the finest industry professionals on this project.”

“’Brent Corrigan’s Summit’ was the very thing I had in mind when I started Dirty Bird Pictures,” Flamingo said. “I wanted to showcase the talents of young directors who wanted their shot at proving their worth to the industry — but needed a small helping hand and the guidance to make it happen. Brent Corrigan's newly formed Prodigy Pictures will prove that he is among the best at his genre.

“This project, combined with the Barrett Long XXX Amateur Hour series coming in February,” he said, “is really the heart of what Dirty Bird Pictures is all about. We want these young directors to have the opportunity to showcase their own talents — beyond being just a pretty face or big dick in front of the camera.”

“Brent Corrigan’s Summit” will have four scenes and a two-hour running time.

“Although we have so much extra footage, we are considering a Director’s Cut later this year,” Jerome said.

The DVD is set for release at the end of February.

For more information visit the Dirty Bird Pictures’ website or Brent Corrigan’s website.