Ninn Worx_SR Contract Girls Slated for Feature Dancing

NORCO, Calif. — Love is in the air and the Ninn Worx_SR contract girls are spreading their hearts around, with feature dancing shows each weekend in February.

Brea Bennett, Cassidey, Jana Jordan, Nikki Kane and Renee Perez will each be making feature-dancing appearances throughout February at Spearmint Rhino, Blue Zebra and Rouge Gentlemen's Clubs coast to coast.

Bennett will be appearing at Spearmint Rhino's City of Industry, Calif., location Feb. 7-9; in West Palm Beach, Fla., Feb. 21-23, before returning for three nights at the Rialto, Calif. Spearmint Rhino, Feb. 28-March 31.

Cassidey is looking forward to her feature dancing run this month.

"I'm back in action in the Southern California clubs, and that always makes me happy," she said. "There's a different vibe in the L.A. clubs, and I can get into the kind of stage show that really blows out the walls. I love all clubs, but I can push the limits here, where I can’t always do that outside of the L.A. club scene."

Cassidey will appear at the Spearmint Rhino in Downtown Los Angeles for the weekend of Feb. 7-9, and then moves up the coast to make hearts throb in Oxnard, Calif., Feb. 21-23.

Jordan brightens up California Spearmint Rhino stages with appearances in Santa Maria on Feb. 7-9 and in Santa Barbara, Feb. 21-23.

"I got the Valentine's Day show dates. That's cool, Kane said. "I guarantee that if you bring your Valentine to one of my shows, you'll be more than ready to celebrate 'Steak and a Blow Job Day' early this year."

Kane plans three nights of incendiary performances at the Blue Zebra in North Hollywood, Calif., on Feb. 14-16, before heading to Lexington, Ky., for the weekend of Feb. 21 -23.

Perez kicks off Feb. with performances in Rialto, Calif., on Feb. 7-9, and then heats up Van Nuys, Calif., the weekend of Feb. 21-23.

Show times are available through the Spearmint Rhino web site.