Brodie Sinclair Signs with FPG

Joanne Cachapero
WASHINGTON — Gay production company FPG Entertainment has announced the addition of performer Brodie Sinclair as an exclusive contract star. The studio, which broke onto the scene last year with videos aimed at the athletic niche, has tapped Brodie, who has a background in mixed martial arts.

“This is a great collaboration. I’m excited to be with FPG,” Sinclair said. “I want to please the fans and develop a long lasting relationship with them. I’m glad to be in the MMA scene, I love the rush and I hope the fans get off on it as much as I do.”

Sinclair became involved in competitive mixed martial arts in his early 20s, while living in Texas, and reached a level where he said he was “good enough to make money.”

“Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and shoot-fighting are two styles I fight with,” Sinclair said. “I’ve entered a few competitions in the professional league. I’ve been in about seven tournaments.

“Yeah, I like to fight for the crowd. I like it when they yell and get all up in it,” Sinclair added. “I especially like taking on opponents larger than me, it’s a challenge and a thrill, and people go crazy for that. I like to prove my ability. Not that I go around picking fights. But when people try to instigate fights with me, I’m quick to put up my fists. I don’t care how big they are. I always rise to the challenge.”

FPG Entertainment released two titles last year; its debut title “Punks” and followed by boxing-themed release “TopDawgs.”

For more information, visit the studio’s website or contact Eric Viola at or (202) 609-9791.